Wirecard Demo

Step 1: DataStorage Initialization & save CC details
Step 2: Read DataStorage only for verification purpose (not necessary).
Step 3: Place order(it will use provided details in Step 1).
Step 4: authorization transaction will be refunded/cancelled later using backend-operation.

ApprovalReversal: For canceling an approval, typically done by your consumer in your online shop.
DepositReversal: For canceling a deposit.
Order Details: For returning all order details including corresponding payments and credit notes.
Refund: For creating a credit note for an order, typically done by the merchant after the consumer returned an ordered product.
RecurPayment: For creating a new order based on an existing order, typically used for subscriptions.
Generate Order Number: non-transaction based operation that will returns a new and unique order number, which will be used for new transactions and recurring transactions.

Note: order parameter should be passed in querystring if wants to perform backend operation on order other than authorization order e.g: this one.